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The Lyrium Ghost by Liger-Inuzuka

「We’ll eventually descend,

pulling that trigger at the very end. 」

Bring me what has been lost.


How Marvel Characters Eat Their Food [x]




Seventeen days.

Aliens was a revelation to me when I was a kid.

As soon as the actual action started, what immediately struck me was that every woman onscreen had her shit absolutely together, and every man (with the exception of Corporal Hicks, Bishop and Apone) was a complete walking clusterfuck.

Moreover, as in this .gifed scene, the narrative itself made it explicit that the only way the men were going to survive was by emulating the women.

And even though I was still just a dipshit kid when I first saw this, I didn’t pull on an MRA fedora and whine about my gender being portrayed in such an unflattering light, because even then, I immediately recognized, “This is what it’s like for women to watch literally every other sci-fi action film.  Well played, movie.”


Rae: “I just can’t eat in front of people.”

Stacey: “Why not?”

Rae: “Well, because, if I eat unhealthy food, then people will think ‘Oh, look at that fat cow. No wonder she got to that size,’ and if I eat healthy food, then they think ‘Well, who’re you trying to kid, love? You didn’t get to that size by eating salads.’”

(from My Mad Fat Diary,series 2, episode 3)


Just some pictures of the FLAWLESS Michael Mando. Enjoy :)

Baccano! Official Anime Posters


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          i wanted to change the world, too.
               but, i changed nothing.

白黒カネキくん | さばるどろ [pixiv] 

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